About Winecenter


Wine Center imports wine from small winemakers from Europe and New Zealand and has been working for 6 years as Wine Center, and a total of 20 years with wine.


Specialties Wine Center

The great challenge is to import wine biologically or produced sustainably or too good to leave.

The selected small wineries often have limited production of 1,000 bottles to 10,000 bottles per type. Because the competition is fierce must be high quality to be noticed and distinctive compared to the competition. Mostly manual labor where possible and minimal to no means to make the product wine.

When I noticed these wines not only on site at the winery but also at home on the sofa, there is a process to see if this wine will keep standing.

The selection process includes:

Original grapes from that region / country

Taste (it remains on the couch) Emotion away.

Wine represents the area where it comes from (recognizable taste)

they do what with the wine (they win prizes, they participate in organizational improvement for preserving)

I'm the only one in the Netherlands.

Wine and these can be used for a reasonable price here be put on the market.


It is this:

You get a wine that get almost anywhere else in the Netherlands (unique)

Get yourself a piece created perception of the location where the wine (taste the sun, you feel like on vacation)

Get yourself a durable product that is not only good for you but also for the image of your company


Wine Center distinguishes itself by:


We are the only ones in the Netherlands about 90% of the imported wine

That most wine is grown Organic or sustainable

That most products are open longer shelf life than three days

You also can order a bottle

The wine knowledge at the highest level in the Netherlands

That can be ordered custom-made, for example, wine with dinner or tribunal

That personified gifts may be thinking of labels

We do business gifts such as custom boxes for Christmas but also for your business



What I want with my wine and its knowledge:


B2B marketing, restaurants, businesses and partially private

Companies, I think of wine etiquette (les), wine tasting on site or tasting at Wine Center.

Birthday wine, combination of an event with wine tasting.

Additionally, for catering business (wine food experience)

Wine subscription weekly / monthly on holding a box of wine on Friday afternoon, ordering the week

Endorsed wine



KPMG Meijburg wine for birthday of departments

Specific wine at Restaurant Levin ex in Den Bosch

Small bottles of wine care when invited to entrepreneurs for a summer BBQ

Tasting for 80 Ladies concerns whiskey and wine on site Amstelveen

100 attendee made a gift of wine (Italian Day) UK importer's camara

In the private sphere various wine boxes filled

Christmas gifts, boxes with company logo - laser, screen printing, etc.